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Your Bridge to African Markets

Economic interests have transcended national borders, globally.

Meeting compliance requirements across intraregional and multi-sectoral jurisdictions is
fundamental to the success of modern international business. Compliance advisory services have assumed a critical component of business, particularly for investors and local businesses aspiring to take advantage of global opportunities.

Purple & Ashes cross-border advisors are a passionate team of professionals who have
embraced the experiences of international trade regimes, and are established as reliable experts and competent guides for doing business across Africa. The team’s mission is to assist businesses in overcoming complex regulatory regimes involved in local, intraregional and international trade.

Making decisions to enter international markets will likely present a number of concerns, such as selecting optimum markets for products and services, developing market entry strategies, regulatory compliance, licensing and approvals, food and drugs registrations, trademarks and patent registrations, customs requirements, legal and taxation structures, executing trade agreements, obtaining financing, navigating employment laws, among other considerations.

Purple & Ashes has established a proficient and proactive team of advisors across African nations, providing expert guidance to foreign investors, SMEs and corporations seeking investment opportunities and business explorations across Africa.

Our Firm constantly assesses emerging regulatory trends, business arrangements and strategies which facilitate scalability and minimize legal risk exposure. We provide market-entry services, business structuring, regulatory compliance, company secretarial services, due diligence services, business migration and trade development services.

We have a heart for Africa

In Africa, the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) as well as the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) has enhanced the inevitability of efficient cross-border trade compliance practices.
Purple & Ashes Cross Border advisors understand Africa’s complex regulatory regimes and guide our clients to make informed and futuristic decisions, reduce regulatory compliance risks, and achieve market competitive advantage.
Through our innovative alliance with regional partners, Purple & Ashes has been able to brand itself as ‘your bridge to African markets’.

What We Are Expert At

Our Services

Purple & Ashes facilitates the registration of diverse business structures within
Africa, such as:

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Partnerships/Joint Ventures
  • Company Limited by Shares
  • Company limited by Guarantee
  • Non-Profits
  • Unlimited Liability companies
  • External Companies

Our Firm assists with securing business operation permits and other certifications
required by law to start business operations across Africa. We help structure,
anticipate and prevent compliance risks.
We work closely with the company’s registries, trademarks/patent registries,
investment promotion centers, food and drugs authorities, petroleum and mineral
resource commissions, tax authorities, immigration authorities, environmental
protection agencies, employment agencies, free zones authorities and others,
and ensure our clients’ businesses operate seamlessly and efficiently.

Purple & Ashes facilitates company secretarial services such as:

  • Company meetings (Board meetings, AGM and EGM), ensuring proper
    procedures are followed in decision-making process and statutory laws are
    complied with.
  • Maintaining statutory books, monitoring changes in regulations and filing appropriate returns.
  • Creating a practical and digital structure to monitor compliance updates.
  • Liaising with external regulators and advisers, such as lawyers, auditors,
    financial institutions, tax and insurance experts on behalf of clients.

Market Entry Consulting
Looking to explore trade opportunities in Africa? Purple & Ashes is willing to provide support and facilitation with your market entry and expansion plans. With
our knowledge and expertise, we highlight the market opportunities for your products and services. Our market entry search process is thorough, and we provide timely reports.

Registrations, Regulatory Compliance and Licences
We facilitate business registration and securing of business operation permits
and other certifications required by law to start business operations across Africa.
We work closely with the companies registries, trademarks/patent registries,
investment promotion centers, food and drugs authorities, petroleum and mineral
resource commissions, tax authorities, employment agencies, immigration
authorities and others, in ensuring our clients’ businesses operate seamlessly
and efficiently.

At Purple & Ashes, we help facilitate our clients’ commercial negotiations,
international trade agreements, mergers, acquisitions and structured financial
transactions, real estate acquisitions, trade development, tax structuring, among
the wide range of regulatory needs in Africa.
Our immigration support services covers areas such as application for Work and Residence permits, Visa extensions, Re-entries, Visa on Arrival, Expatriate Quota permits, Citizenship and Naturalization.

Doing Business across Africa With professional alliances around the African commercial hubs of Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius, Gambia, Cameroon, Mali, Senegal, amongst others, we have embraced the challenge of assessing and identifying
potential business partners and consumers across Africa. We also offer support to local companies interested in establishing contact with foreign suppliers and investors.
At Purple & Ashes, we are experienced in assisting international investors toestablish themselves and explore the prospect of expanding their businessesacross Africa, please read A Regulatory Overview- Doing Business in Africa,  highlighting some of the fundamental issues to be considered when evaluating Africa as a possible investment destination.

Properly-negotiated and well-written contracts protect the heart of business
relationships. Our team has a wealth of experience and expertise in drafting,
negotiating and revising commercial documentations across industry sectors.

Rooting for African development through cross-border trade and investment.

Our team delivers expert local knowledge with wide international reach, ensuring your business is conducted ethically and profitably.

Purple & Ashes Cross Border advisors assist you to make better informed decisions, reduce business and regulatory compliance risks, achieve market competitive advantage and customer growth through innovative expansion strategies.

Our team has diverse and combined experience across Africa in business law, trade, strategic alliances, business development, taxation, finance and marketing. Through direct consultative services and alliance with our regional partners, Purple & Ashes has been able to offer qualitative support and innovation. We are willing and ready to root for you across African borders.

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Rooting for African development through cross-border trade and investment.

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